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We develop software and apps for windows computers, android phones and iphones.

Our mission is to produce software that solves problems, runs fast, and is affordable.

Our software and apps comprise :
  • Employee Monitoring Software
  • Fast File Finder for Windows and File Management to save, attach, open documents fast and search for files or search text in files
  • Business Software Tools to speed up office tasks, save time and enhance productivity and increase work satisfaction
  • Logistics and Transport management system with accounting and sales online accesible for multiple offices

We are personally at your disposal in the United Kingdom, Spain, Portugal, The Netherlands, Germany and Bulgaria.

Who to find out more about us and our company.

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Products lists the applications/software we made so far and gives links to the download pages.

We hope you enjoy our products!

Pryer Employee Monitoring Software FileBoss Search Folders, Files and Content Fast