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Automatic Software Translation for .PHP and C# scripts and…

Due to the need we have of frequently translating our software and our webpages to a variety of languages, we decided to develop our own apps that automatically translates website pages in the .php source code.

We also made an application that reads C# sourcecode, analyses which elements have to be translated and then creates an automatic language file with placeholders for the language elements in the code.

It feeds with .cs files and 90% automizes the translation process which cost us a long time in the past and is now simple. It also checks that the translated length of the text items is the same in the new language because within the software it is important that the translated text does not overlap for example an input field.

If you need to translate your PHP website or your C# software to/from English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, please send us an email and we will give you a competitive quote.


How to organise your folders and files

Find your files fast saves a lot of time

Every time you have to dig about for a document you can not locate or have to do unneeded clicks to access a folder, you are not as effective as you could be. Your paper listing is simply going to grow progressively so currently is the time to do something about it.

You ought to not be compromising your time simply clicking and also searching for a paper. You must have the ability to find that paper in 1 second, not 5 mins. I’ve existed also as well as there were also times when I actually could not find a file and also when I wasn’t seeking it any longer, lo as well as behold– I found it.

FileBoss fast documents and also folder search has assisted hundreds of companies in locating their documents quickly.

Let us consider some excellent practices for maintaining your documents as well as files cool, in folders and also easily searchable as well as easily accessible.

The suggestion of arranging files and also files returns to the good-old-days of declaring cupboards and paper.

The benefit of the original paper-based closets was that you actually needed to consider where to place files to make sure that you can find them easily when they were required. With digital records, given that you can not see or touch them, it ends up being too very easy to have actually files spread all over your computer.

Because this is an electronic mess as well as not a physical mess, frequently you don’t realize you have an issue– till you have an issue! You don’t really feel the pain of a topsy-turvy system till you can’t find a file you require.

Even though search is a powerful device, and also there is a training program in The Dojo taking you via searching for documents, you still wish to have a basic organizational framework to make sure that you do not need to rely exclusively on search.

Note: We’ll be talking about folders as well as directories on your hard drive in this write-up.

The Objectives of Your Windows File System

There are three overarching objectives for your documents organization system:

Easy to Submit– You don’t desire your system to be a huge, ordered puzzle. You want it to be easy and also rapid to save data so your system does not trigger friction.
Easy to Discover– You desire your system to make it simple to find the file or folder you require, either by jabbing via folders or utilizing search.
Reusable– Where feasible, you want to utilize re-usable themes as well as naming conventions, both of which support the previous 2 objectives.

Some Basic Rules

Let’s begin with some simple guidelines for managing your folders as well as documents.

  1. Do not place files on the desktop computer

Your desktop is meant to be tidy and display that stunning high-resolution wallpaper you’ve got going on. It ought to contain your trash/recycle bin, and that has to do with it.

Now and then, it can be useful to put a documents or two on your desktop for momentary storage space if you’re referring to it routinely as well as don’t need to file it right now.

  1. If you do not make use of FileBoss, limitation folder development. You can make use of hundreds of thousands of folders without any type of trouble or delay if you use FileBoss you do not need to fret regarding this.

Think minimal when you’re developing folders. If you have actually done a good task of at first mapping it out, the majority of documents as well as files can fit somewhere in your power structure.

Generally, just produce new folders (particularly top-level folders in Records) if you find yourself continuously coming back to save similar data in the exact same location, just to find that it doesn’t exist yet. You’ll know when it is time to create another degree in the hierarchy rather than creating a substantial comprehensive multi-layered tree before you need it.

  1. Call your folders and files purposefully

Among our objectives for organizing our data is “Easy to Discover.” An essential means to achieve this is by putting some believed right into how you name your folders as well as documents.

It does not have to be anything challenging. Friend-of-AE Brett Kelly suches as to talk about the concept of calling your data by remembering your “Future You”. Below’s what he indicates by that:

When attempting to find it, … try to envision the circumstance in which you’ll need it and also which words you’re likely to use.

Think regarding saving a phone bill. Do you think phone.pdf is an excellent name?

When you’re naming that phone costs, assume regarding just how you might look for it. Probably:

By date (I want the August 2018 phone costs).
By company (I want the Heaven Telecommunications phone expense).
By number of document (I want a phone expense that contains the number 369 since they are requesting for repayment of this invoice ).

So a good name would certainly allow you to take a look at the files in a folder as well as soon as possible see what each data lacks opening it. It would certainly give you things you can make use of to search.

So an excellent file name, in this case, could be Heaven 369.pdf.

It is not practical to have a bunch of folders called Billings inside other folders. It would be far better to call the folder defCorp Invoices (also if it is inside a master defCorp folder) so that you can use that name to look on later.
Dropbox and Data Sync.

Before we get into the basics of directory site organization, I wish to give a mention to Dropbox and also various other similar solutions.

Sync solutions (including those built into macOS and Windows 10) are incredible devices for having accessibility to your files in between different devices as well as being able to be effective anywhere you are. They’re additionally wonderful for sharing documents with others.

We make use of Dropbox thoroughly.

The frameworks and methods we discuss right here can be utilized on your regional file system, or can be synced to the cloud if you position the folder structure in the unique folder for your solution of choice.

Now exactly how you divide up your individual documents is mainly a matter of exactly how you psychologically divide up your life. A very fundamental split could be Education and learning, Employers, Household, Finance, Health And Wellness, Home, Purchases, Traveling, and Car.

There might then be a modest amount of subfolders under these. For instance, if you have children and have files pertaining to your parents, you might want to break up Family:.

/ Documents/Family/Highstreet.
/ Documents/Family/Hoekstra.

If your mind goes in this manner, you could additionally do a split by life locations, like:.

/ Documents/finances.
/ Documents/social.
/ Documents/sports.
/ Documents/restaurants.
/ Documents/entertainment.

The general policy to comply with is to pick a folder structure that matches just how you mentally organize points. If you make use of a task management system, it’s probably not a negative concept to mimic the framework that you utilize in there too.
Business Files.

Comparable to your personal documents, your organisation records and also just how you organize them will greatly rely on your profession, firm, market and job position.

If you remain in a huge company, you will likely be functioning from a shared drive, in which situation the directory structure will typically be rather set, so you do not need to worry about it too much.

If you are a small team or company and also are constructing your structure, it can be handy to obtain individuals together who will be working with these papers as well as think of the framework with each other. You’ll be more likely to have buy-in if individuals that are most acquainted with the documents have a say in just how they’re structured.

If you determine to keep some records in your area or if you’re not functioning from a common drive, it mostly boils down to what you do. For instance, say you’re a business analyst doing job job. Your directory structure might look something such as this:.

/ job name 1.
/ project name 1/development.
/ task name 1/brainstorming.
/ task name 1/output.
/ task name 2.
/ project name 3.
/ archive.

Each job would certainly then have subfolders associated with sensible devices of organization, like the type of work, stakeholders or who you’re reporting to. / archive is where you would move your completed jobs when they’re done. In contrast, state you’re an online marketing professional working from your laptop computer on the coastlines of Algarve, you may have something even more similar to this established:.

/ finances.
/ legal.
/ marketing.
/ items.
/ projects.
/ planning.
/ systems.
/ innovation.

How you arrange your business-related directories comes down to how you determine to split up your business or job into rational units. Team related tasks into logical groupings– think of it as an organization chart for your job/company, minus the positions.

Every time you have to dig around for a file you can’t have or find to do unnecessary clicks to access a folder, you are not as productive as you could be. Your document checklist is simply going to grow steadily so currently is the time to do something regarding it.

You ought to not be sacrificing your time simply clicking and also looking for a document. You must be able to discover that file in five seconds, not five mins. If you make a decision to store some records in your area or if you’re not functioning from a shared drive, it mostly comes down to what you do.

I want an easy solution to find my files and folders fast

Even if your organisation of folders and files is not very good you will still be able to find any file or folder within a second by using FileBoss. Click on the link below to know more and to install a free 14 day trial (no credit cards or email required for the trial) :

FileBoss information and download page


Manual Alternative actions for Employee Monitoring

Is Anyone Working – Ways to Monitor Employee Efficiency

Obviously the simplest is to install Pryer Employee Monitoring Software program as well as you know automatically
every hour what each employee has been dealing with. Yet if you want to spend time and effort you can utilize the listed below actions rather. If you are not the whole day in the workplace yet on an additional location then the below does not apply.

Management of employees is important. Yet it takes a lot of time – most supervisors wish to be wonderful, highly-engaged leaders who have understood the management fundamentals! So, what gets in their way?

There are a variety of myths that protect against managers from being solid, yet among one of the most typical questions we listen to at Pryer Worker Monitoring Software is, “Just how can I perhaps monitor my staff members’ service a normal basis?” Numerous managers feel that there is simply not adequate time for them to effectively keep track of each employee’s progression.

The truth is that undermanagement expenses managers, and also everybody else, so much even more time than it would certainly require to successfully manage to begin with!

Efficiently monitoring staff members begins with developing a routine of regular, recurring, individually meetings. This step alone will substantially boost any type of supervisor’s capacity to stay on top of the information and hold individuals responsible. But usually it’s the case that managers need to remain in the habit of looking at a staff member’s job beyond those regular conversations, too.

There are several means to monitor the actions of employees

A) See employees function.

One of the most effective methods to keep an eye on a worker’s efficiency is with your very own eyes. Seeing an employee communicate with a customer for a couple of minutes will certainly tell you more regarding that worker’s client solution performance than a batch of consumer responses surveys. If you are having problems helping a worker be successful with a particular job, “darkness” that staff member while he does the task.

B) Ask for a story what they did .

In every individually discussion with every staff member, ask for an account of what that person has done because your last discussion: “What concrete actions did you take? Did you fulfill the clearly spelled-out expectations?” Then listen really thoroughly, make judgments, and ask even more penetrating inquiries. Asking for an account is the number one technique for holding a person liable for his actions. Move on to go over following actions. As long as you are regularly carrying out your one-on-one monitoring discussions with every person often, this aspect of keeping an eye on efficiency will certainly become routine.Assist workers make use of self-monitoring devices.

C. Make them make checklists and to do lists

You can likewise ask staff members to assist you keep track of their actions by using self-monitoring devices like job strategies, checklists, as well as task logs. Each time the employee relocates on to a brand-new activity, he is asked to note the time as well as the brand-new task he is turning to.Testimonial operate in development often.

D) Measure Production

Check your staff members’ job very carefully in process along the road. Viewing that employee job is the exact same point as evaluating job in progress if a worker is not responsible for creating a concrete end product. Spot-check it while she is functioning on it if she is accountable for an end item. If the employee manages a data source, spot-check the records. If the worker creates records, consider drafts. If the worker makes call, tape-record them as well as listen to a random sample. If the employee makes widgets, inspect some half-done widgets and see how they look. You can not actually keep track of everything every employee does, but you can check random samples regularly.Ask around a little.

E) Ask the suppliers collegues and clients sometimes

Ask consumers, vendors, colleagues, as well as various other supervisors concerning their interactions with details staff members. Always ask question about the employee’s job, never ever regarding the individual. Do not ask for impressions, yet ask for information.

Usually it’s the situation that supervisors have to be in the behavior of inspecting on a worker’s job outside of those normal discussions.

Enjoying an employee connect with a customer for a couple of minutes will inform you more concerning that staff member’s consumer solution performance than a set of consumer feedback studies. If you are having problems aiding an employee succeed with a particular task, “darkness” that worker while he does the task. If a staff member is not liable for producing a substantial end product, after that viewing that employee work is the very same point as evaluating work in development. Always ask concern regarding the worker’s work, never regarding the individual.

To make your life easy as a Business Owner or Manager download and install Pryer Employee Monitor here :

Pryer Product Link


Pryer – Peace of Mind for managers and business…

Pryer – Examine what is going on in your company while you are away.

Pryer is an application that will report the tasks on your firms computer systems with keystrokes, window titles and also screenshots.

It will certainly raise your business earnings as well as effectiveness and also will certainly warn you for dangers or issues in your business. It will also permit you to recognize which personnel is hard working and which are lazy as well as who is truthful and who is not.

This team surveillance software program is very easy as well as inexpensive to set up as well as provides you total control over your organisation. It is an answer for a reality issue that any kind of firm or organisation has nowadays.

Why Pryer is important to Manage your Business

With Pryer you will have the ability to manage your business in your area or from another location and also recognize exactly if your company is prejudiced by corrupt or lazy employees.

Likewise you will certainly understand about hazardous developments like an individual undertaking his own organisation tasks while being on your pay-roll, or stealing from the firm by for instance nominating providers with a kickback payment. You also will be able to identify excellent workers from bad workers and compensate them accordingly in addition to allowing you to distribute the work uniformly over the team.

Pryer Staff Checking Application – Exactly how it functions

Per pc that you check you obtain a per hour email during a period that you define (typically throughout workplace hours). Because e-mail you see per 30 secs what was the energetic home window the person was servicing. Similar to this in one glance you end if he/she was working or otherwise.
In the title of the email it says the percent that the employee was energetic for example: John’s PC 59% active in the past hr
In case there is factor for worry from the energetic home window titles you can scroll down in the email as well as there you discover data organized in 3 minute periods with a screenshot of the complete display on top followed by keystrokes entered.

This software application permits you to spend marginal time examining your staff members and still have everything controlled. It allows you to inspect the workplace task from any kind of place worldwide.

It also shows you specifically if your worker is prompt and also does not leave prematurely or has as well long lunches.

Sometimes you likewise will certainly see someone totally overloaded as well as one more one resting idle at the same time. It is an outstanding monitoring device to then change some work from the strained to the “sitter”.

Pryer is additionally extraordinary lightweight with a complete dimension of 0,7 MEGABYTES and it utilizes around 0,4 % of your system sources. Rapid, reputable and also light-weight.

Computer Monitoring Software Product Information and Download location


FileBoss File & Folder Finder Development

Fileboss was developed to solve slow file search and filing problems for Windows computers

The idea for FileBoss came
from office workers that spent a lot of their time saving and looking
up files in certain folders. Any office usually has a disk with many
subfolders and if you use windows explorer to “click”
repeatedly down the directory tree to reach a certain folder where
you want to save your file you loose a lot of time, and that many
times per day.


Another problem is if you know a certain file is in a directory containing for example the words “Invoice” and “2018” and “January” but you do not recall where this folder is located neither what is the order of the words. If you know the location you do not feel like clicking repeatedly to reach the desired folder.

In FileBoss you would write : invoice+2018+january , hit enter and immediately you get a list of the directories that contain these words. You click on one of them and it is opened in explorer instantly. If there is only one directory containing these words it will open that folder immediately.

You also can click on the file search option and write for example “Mercedes+gearbox-drawing” and hit enter. Right away a list appears on your screen with all the filenames that contain the words Mercedes and gearbox but that do not have the word drawing in their name.

Search for words in File Content

A third option is content search where you specify the words you want to look for in a file (and eventually exclude words that it cannot contain). You can search for the expression in all files, only word files , excel and pdf files etc. And you can also specify a directory where you want to search in or you can search all the disk.

The words do not have to be near to eachother in the file or in a certain order to be found. For example if you look for “container” and “Shanghai” and “Christmas trees” the below file will show up in the results :

Filename : x:\office\production\sales\2019\hamburg\wanghang1200.pdf

“Shanghai Wanghang Tree Exports

Dear Ms. Ashley,

We have shipped your
christmas trees last month in a 40ft container. ”

Latest about our Apps and Software Development

Pryer – Employee monitoring program

This week we finally completed our employee monitoring application. This app checks your staff activity on their computers and sends you every hour a report by email informing you which windows were opened, the keystrokes typed and screenshots.

Description of Computer Monitor Report by email for Remote Computer

In the picture you see the screenshot of the target computer in the hourly email you receive. Below the screenshot you see the active window titles taken each 30 seconds. If you scroll further down you will see the keyboard input and the text typed during that period.
In other words you get very detailed information. If you do not want to scroll through the screenshots and keyboard input you can only read the email title which gives you an activity percentage and an idea if the employee was active or not.
Or for a bit more information you can look only at the first page of the email where you see the active programs the person is working on per each 30 seconds and that gives you a very good idea of what was going on in the past hour.

With this app for Windows computers you always know what is going on in the office and who is doing what. Great to manage your business when you are inside the office or on the road.

Every hour it informs you how active was each employee. It is very good to know how to distribute work over your staff, check who is working and who is not and warns you immediately when an employee
endangers or prejudices your company.

Staff computer screenshot and applications opened in the past hour

Computer Monitoring Software Product Information and Download location

You can download this staff monitoring software on page https://www.bekkertechnologies.com/pr_sysv1b5/index.php

Here you also find a complete description and many screenshots.

Staff activity report in screenshots and programs opened

Business Audit Software

The freight forwarding management system software we developed has a company audit module. This program runs every night and checks for any possible error in the business. In total it checks around 50 different situations that indicate a problem in the company from loss on a file to a missing number.

This week I added a function that checks if there is any missing invoice number. For example if invoice 2 is followed by 4 this is a problem because you might not ask for payment for this missing invoice 3.

The application checks all companies. Within each companies it checks if any invoice or credit note is missing and reports that in an email. As the invoice formats are very different and a combination of letters and numbers like A1900000171B we have to work with Regular expressions in the online PHP / Mysql application.

The software found a long list of mistakes in 2 seconds by scanning 4 companies over 10 years and right now our financial staff is following up on all the problems the system detected. It finds problems that no human could possibly find because the information is simply too vast and we can never foresee the errors that employees make like naming the PDF file of the invoice Invoice 1000.pdf and inside the PDF the invoice number is 495.

The app also checks that a higher invoice number has the same or a higher issue date compared to the previous invoice number.

Together with the other 50 business auditing modules this software allows you to have total control over your business without spending any time investigating. The application does everything for you and in the morning you just have to read the report it produced during the night.


PHP Application to find duplicate customer names in a…

For the past days we first figured out how to recognise duplicate client names. The php script takes each companyname and removes any “dust” first like dots and kommas
in the name as well as “words” of 1 letter only. Like this A.M.F. Inc becomes AMF Inc and Starship,S.R.L. becomes Starship SRL.
Then he measures the frequency of each origin word in the database and selects the subset with the less frequent word. In that subset he looks for more matching origin
words and then decides that the MYSQL base contains a duplicate and warns the operator. The operator can accept or reject the proposed replacements by the php application.

If the operator accepts then all tables in a database are searched that contain “entityid” and a list of all tables with entity is then updated with the new entityid like
invoice , booking , rates , quotations. After doing the updates the duplicate row is then removed from the entity table.

As a joke we decided to introduce a machine learning part into the php script that records all decisions made by the operator. Then when the next replacement proposal
is made the Artificial Intelligence Unit searches for the nearest situation in the recorded data and advises if it would replace or not if the AI had been given that autonomy.

If it advised wrong this is also recorded and the AI has then to analyse why it made a wrong decision and increase or decrease the weight factor of the variable that had
been over or underrated. Easier said than done. At the moment we are struggling with recording all the decision results. Then we will write the database search for the AI
to find the most similar past recorded situation , and then we will design the calculations that have to produce the Machine’s advice. Challenging !



We have been working on writing software to migrate company records from an Excel based system to an mysql online database. 

The company is active in freight forwarding and has tens of thousands of bookings with transport information , client information , delivery information that have to be introduced in a new multicompany mysql booking table , invoice table , entity table and more.

The separate bookings where each in a separate excel file so we wrote an application in C# to extract the columns from each excel file and create one query per file to insert them into the Mysql table. As it was not possible to extract the information directly from the excel file the application is like an employee robot, that opens each excel, scrolls to the first field to copy , reads the text, selects the second field i another excel cell , reads the text etc. Impressive to see the C# robot at work.

It took 24 hours to read in all the 35000 bookings and insert them in Mysql with a c# php script. Then the c# robot drops a code in each excel name and knows the next time the program runs that it already has inserted this file into mysql and will check if the file was changed after extracting its information.