Month: October 2019



We have been working on writing software to migrate company records from an Excel based system to an mysql online database. 

The company is active in freight forwarding and has tens of thousands of bookings with transport information , client information , delivery information that have to be introduced in a new multicompany mysql booking table , invoice table , entity table and more.

The separate bookings where each in a separate excel file so we wrote an application in C# to extract the columns from each excel file and create one query per file to insert them into the Mysql table. As it was not possible to extract the information directly from the excel file the application is like an employee robot, that opens each excel, scrolls to the first field to copy , reads the text, selects the second field i another excel cell , reads the text etc. Impressive to see the C# robot at work.

It took 24 hours to read in all the 35000 bookings and insert them in Mysql with a c# php script. Then the c# robot drops a code in each excel name and knows the next time the program runs that it already has inserted this file into mysql and will check if the file was changed after extracting its information.