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Pryer – Employee monitoring program

This week we finally completed our employee monitoring application. This app checks your staff activity on their computers and sends you every hour a report by email informing you which windows were opened, the keystrokes typed and screenshots.

Description of Computer Monitor Report by email for Remote Computer

In the picture you see the screenshot of the target computer in the hourly email you receive. Below the screenshot you see the active window titles taken each 30 seconds. If you scroll further down you will see the keyboard input and the text typed during that period.
In other words you get very detailed information. If you do not want to scroll through the screenshots and keyboard input you can only read the email title which gives you an activity percentage and an idea if the employee was active or not.
Or for a bit more information you can look only at the first page of the email where you see the active programs the person is working on per each 30 seconds and that gives you a very good idea of what was going on in the past hour.

With this app for Windows computers you always know what is going on in the office and who is doing what. Great to manage your business when you are inside the office or on the road.

Every hour it informs you how active was each employee. It is very good to know how to distribute work over your staff, check who is working and who is not and warns you immediately when an employee
endangers or prejudices your company.

Staff computer screenshot and applications opened in the past hour

Computer Monitoring Software Product Information and Download location

You can download this staff monitoring software on page

Here you also find a complete description and many screenshots.

Staff activity report in screenshots and programs opened