Employee Monitoring Software

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Why monitor your Employees Activities

Employee monitoring has become more crucial since the rise of social media and smartphones
which tempts many employees in using the office time for private activities.

About our Activity Monitoring Software

Our employee monitoring software gives you a clear overview what your employee does with his or her office time.
You will know if the employee is idle or working at any part of the day.
If they work well and their productivity is high you can reward them extra.

You can install Pryer on any local or remote computer worldwide.
Every hour you receive an email with a view of the employee’s activity during the past hour.
We offer a 14 day free trial.

What to do when you detect problems in your Employee’s work

If there are violations of your companies ethics can be followed up by you and in severe cases you can find evidence and terminate the employment.
With this system you will be tracking the employee’s activity during the day.
You will learn about the online and offline activity of your employees fast and out of own experience there is a big chance that you will be

The employee you thought was great might be the whole day on social media and the employees you do not like particularly might actually be
working very well and their only fault could be that they do not talk a lot. Then you can be honest and revise your behaviour towards these good employees.
You can set the hours in which you want to receive email reports about the employees activites and you can search through the report emails for certain keys and

How it Works

This software tool allows you to do a deep analysis of each employee’s strong and weak points.
The program is made simple to install and we supply you our detailed installation guide to enable also normal computer users to install it without problems.
The program records each keystroke typed on the user laptop or desktop computer. The hour long recoding is then summarized in an email with a summary of the active
windows on top, the video’s viewed, websites visited etc.

For a more detailed view you can scroll down in the email form to see the 3 minute screenshots of the user’s computer activity as well as their keystrokes.
The automatic recordings stay in your mail box so you can always check the computer activity retroactively.
There is no notification to the user that the monitoring program is installed on the computer and dependent on the country where your business is established you
will perhaps have to notify the employees that their activity is recorded. Please check your local laws.
You can read the recording from any computer. You just log in to your gmail. We recommend creating one gmail address exclusively for the reception of the employee
monitoring reports mail.

We offer free support to configure and install the monitoring program on your computers.