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FileBoss File & Folder Finder Development

Fileboss was developed to solve slow file search and filing problems for Windows computers

The idea for FileBoss came
from office workers that spent a lot of their time saving and looking
up files in certain folders. Any office usually has a disk with many
subfolders and if you use windows explorer to “click”
repeatedly down the directory tree to reach a certain folder where
you want to save your file you loose a lot of time, and that many
times per day.


Another problem is if you know a certain file is in a directory containing for example the words “Invoice” and “2018” and “January” but you do not recall where this folder is located neither what is the order of the words. If you know the location you do not feel like clicking repeatedly to reach the desired folder.

In FileBoss you would write : invoice+2018+january , hit enter and immediately you get a list of the directories that contain these words. You click on one of them and it is opened in explorer instantly. If there is only one directory containing these words it will open that folder immediately.

You also can click on the file search option and write for example “Mercedes+gearbox-drawing” and hit enter. Right away a list appears on your screen with all the filenames that contain the words Mercedes and gearbox but that do not have the word drawing in their name.

Search for words in File Content

A third option is content search where you specify the words you want to look for in a file (and eventually exclude words that it cannot contain). You can search for the expression in all files, only word files , excel and pdf files etc. And you can also specify a directory where you want to search in or you can search all the disk.

The words do not have to be near to eachother in the file or in a certain order to be found. For example if you look for “container” and “Shanghai” and “Christmas trees” the below file will show up in the results :

Filename : x:\office\production\sales\2019\hamburg\wanghang1200.pdf

“Shanghai Wanghang Tree Exports

Dear Ms. Ashley,

We have shipped your
christmas trees last month in a 40ft container. ”