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It is our mission to develop software and apps directed for corporate and private users in the following fields :

Office Automation Software

Whenever we detect a constraint in a business process we set out to develop software to remove this constraint or to reduce the time the procedure takes. More specifically we develop apps with the below features :

Computer Monitoring Software

Report to management what employees have been doing during business hours. Block private amusement and social media sites during office hours or restrict its use limited to certain hours (lunchtime) or to a maximum amount of time per day.
The use of this software should be combined with delivery of private smartphones when entering office or smartphone traffic blocking wallpaper in the office. We also have an app that blocks the use of android or iOs smartphones as well as private laptops or tables in the office.
This is useful when the company has an internal regulation that private smartphones have to be handed over at the reception but this rule is not respected by the employees. It is also very useful to avoid company espionage and to ensure that office files, data, cannot be copied and leave the company premises.
We developed also an application that detects and alerts when new devices enter the office premises of type android, iPHone, tablet , laptop or desktop computers as well as any other device connecting to the internet like ip cameras.

Time Management for Children

Apps for iOS and Android that allow children a maximum time per day to spend on leisure activities like gaming and social media but after they reach the maximum period per day it blocks those activities to ensure that children spend time on their studies , productive hobbies or reading for example.
Also the parents can set certain blocks of hours per day in which no leisure apps can be used like from 4 to 7 pm when they have to do their homework. Or alternatively they can for example limit the leisure usage to 2 hours per day during the week and 4 hours per day during weekends.


We develop original games for windows computers , android smartphones and iphones. Our games are a mixture of action and puzzle solving adventure games.